Confederate Rose

The first time I saw a confederate rose was in my father-in-law’s yard. I decided to find one for me and I did after several years looking around.  The confederate rose is actually an Hibiscus and grows as a shrub / tree. This plant is best grown in southern states – zones 9 and 10 in full sun. It starts blooming in late summer to early fall. I look forward to seeing these beauties every fall. The plant freezes down in the winter and returns the next spring. The stalks needs to be cut back in winter but i did not do that this past year and really not sure why. I have cut back every year until then. I had growth in the spring appearing on the stalks from the previous year. I will cut back any stalks that did not have any growth. It is best to  cut back after fall blooming. It keeps it maintained and from growing too tall.


These blooms will change colors. The flowers start the day out white and by the end of the day they are a dark pink color. I planted this about 5+ years ago. I had no idea the blooms changed color when I planted this. I found out the first year it bloomed.  I left for errands one day and by the end of the day – they were pink!confederate-rose-whiteconfederate-rose-pink

Here is a care guide for the confederate rose and it also has instructions for rooting from a cutting. I was not aware of this until recently or I could have got a cutting from my father-in-law’s years ago.  I will be cutting many cuttings this year; just in case not all of them root. I had several requests for a cutting from family members as well. The cuttings are put in a large vase to root in water during winter months. It is planted in the following spring after frost.


This is just starting to bloom. The blooms only last about a day but it is loaded with buds. The blooms leave a large seed pod after blooming. The seeds from this pod can be collected and planted. I am not certain how to do this yet but I will be trying this upcoming spring.