Circular Knitting Needles Storage

I love circular knitting needles but I do not like the interchangeable knitting needles. I rather have a needle that is made together solid. This will result in having several needles of the same size in different lengths. They can become a tangled mess if not stored correctly. I have tried several different options. I have tried hanging them, keeping them in the original package and adding them inside a box in zip loc bags.

A binder was my last thought and it works great. I have 2 binders. I have them separated by the needle size. One binder is from size 0-7 and the other size is 8-50.

cir needle 1

I decided to use zippered pouches inside for the needles. I was lucky to get these for 50 cents each. I found these on the clearance rack at the store after school supplies went on sale. I like these with a clear plastic window. I can see my needles and my list for each pouch. I store my DPN (double point needle) and my circulars inside.

I have a favorite needle too. I love ChiaoGoo needles. I use the red lace metal ones. They have a sharper point for ease of picking up stitches. The cord does not keep memory. I have used a few that the cord is plastic and it keeps rolling up. This is very frustrating.

cir needle 2

I used a 4×6 index card to keep track of my needles in each pouch. I used a label maker to make sure it is neat. I list the type of needle, size, length and what material the needle is made of. I can add a new label to the card whenever I purchase a new needle. I do this often. Sometimes, I find a new project. I do not have the size of needle or length I need.

cir needle 3

The binders are kept is a plastic bin. I also have in the bin crochet hooks and any additional knitting notions

cir needle 4

I also recently purchased a rolling cart. I am constantly going to different areas of my home and I was tired of taking all my knitting with me in different trips. I can roll this with me anywhere I want to sit and knit, even if it’s outside. I keep my current projects, printed out instructions, yarn and anything else I think I would need.

yarn cart



Hand Knitted Ball Ornaments

Hand knitted Christmas ornaments have become a favorite of mine. I knit these throughout the year. Some months more than others. These will be found around the house and a tree adorned  with nothing but knitted ornaments and lights. Of course, the lights have to be clear.

I came across this pattern book a few years ago at the library. I ended up purchasing the BOOK from amazon after I spent several days going over the patterns.knit ball book

The patterns in the book uses the same pattern for all the ornaments. The only difference is the placement of the color or the design. There is a blank graph so I can design my own color pattern. This is knitted on double point needle (dpn). I have used several different types. I like to use these dpn from Knick Picks and they are made of birch.

I use 5 dpn (4 for pattern and 1 extra to knit) to do these balls . I start with cast-on of 12 stitches and join in the round. I use a long tail cast on. I start with 3 stitches on 4 needles. It is a little slow starting since the needle is small. These are knitted with increases every other row until row 15. There are no increases from row 15 – 27. On row 28, the drecreases start every other row until there are 3 stitches left. I use Yarn Bobbins to keep the yarn secure I am working knit1


The yarn I use is a sport weight. I have tried differnt types and brands. When I first started these; I tried an acrylic yarn. I was not happy with the result. The color pattern seemed to get lost in the knitting with the background. Finally, I ended up ordering from Knit Picks, Wool of the Andes in sport weight. It is great. The color stands apart from the background and yarn is durable. I have about 20 different colors to work with. yarn ball

christmas knit2

christmas knit3



Cables and Bobbles Afghan.

I wanted to share a pattern for a afghan I came across several years ago. It is a cable and bobble pattern. This was my second project with cables but first one with the bobbles. It’s really easy once I got the hang of it. There are several tutorials out there to help. It looked a little complicated but it was easy once I actually worked it up. Here is a video tutorial for beginning bobbles. Here is a link for a tutorial on knitting cables for beginners.

bobble and cable

I love my swing. I have come to enjoy knitting here as well as my back porch. I found this pattern on Ravelry. If you are not a member you are missing out. It’s free to join. This is my favorite site I go to first when I am searching for something. I usually find it there.

The pattern can be found HERE through ravelry. You can see suggestions of yarn used by others and their pictures. It is also a Red Heart pattern and it’s free. I do have plans to knit this up in a dark red color. I have other projects going on now; it will just have to wait.

afghan close


I did come up with measurements for a baby size afghan. I had several other knitters to help me on this. I went to a knitting facebook page and we came up with the cast on numbers. I cannot remember the finished size.  I believe it was around 35 inches. I made it square but it can be any size.

baby green

I used Knitpicks yarn for this. I love this yarn. I wanted something that can be machine washed and dried. Also, it is very soft. It has a lot of textures going on for any baby. The yarn I decided on is the Brava Worsted in alfalfa green. The cast on stitches for this baby size is 148 and follow the pattern as usual in the link above.