Barn Style Greenhouse

Last fall my husband surprised me by telling me that he was going to build me a green house. He knew that I have wanted one for a while but we just never got around to getting one set up until now. I really did not have an idea of what I wanted. He looked online at several styles and decided on this Barn Style Greenhouse from Ana White. He showed me the plans and I really did not get around to reading the plans; I just looked at the picture. I was expecting something around 4 or 5 feet. Nope! The green house size ended up around a 10×12 feet!


The plans did not include a door design. I wanted a half-door so I could leave the door open and not have the chickens come in and eat all my plants. He came up with this one. We did include a latch on the front to lock the top and bottom together. We did find a small flaw. The opening in the plans for the door is not a standard door size. We had to build the door to fit the opening, which is how I ended up with a Dutch Door . The door frame needs to be adjusted if a standard door will be used in the plans.

It was an easy plan to follow. The plans were designed to use 12 feet boards so there is very minimal cutting. The bottom of the frame was put together first and this is the part that was the easiest. It is made of all treated 2×4 feet boards.


The next part was a little more challenging. It was not difficult to put together. We just had to think of some ways to put the ends together. The plans advise making gussets but I really did not want those so we decided to use metal plates on the front of the greenhouse. There are plates installed on front and back of frame.

Remember if an adjustment is made to the door frame; this section will need to be adjusted too. I think building a door would be easier than changing cutting patterns of this section.

greenhouse-4.gifNote my compost bin beside the greenhouse – perfect spot. You can find my post about composting with this Link.

The next step included the back section, middle beam and middle rafter.

greenhouse-3.gif*The girls (chickens) are ready to come out and investigate.

The final step in building the frame – building and installing all the rafters.


The next section included installing clear plastic for the top. The 12 foot length was a blessing at this point. We did not have to cut the plastic on the length. We did have to cut the plastic for the front and back but it was not many cuts. We decided to wait until it was warmer to decided on ventilation and airflow.


We used metal roofing for the bottom of the greenhouse. We have a local company here that cut the pieces to size that I needed.

greenhouseThe girls are looking for treats (worms, grubs or whatever they can scratch up)

We had extra lumber that turned into a shelf for me. This was a surprise from my husband too. It is a perfect level. We only put a shelf on this side. I plan to use the other side for larger plants.  We installed 2 small windows toward the back for airflow and 2 vents in the top as well.


It still gets really hot in there now; the temperature has been reaching about 115-120 F. It is the first part of May and living in southern parts of Alabama – it’s always warm. I was able to start my seeds in here in early spring for my garden. I will be able to continue to grow in the greenhouse come this fall and winter.