I am currently reading Wings. The author is Cynthia Lee Cartier.

Wings by [Cartier, Cynthia Lee]

It’s WWII and daredevil pilot, Liddy Hall, dreams of leaving her small Midwestern town to fly for her country. She applies for the Women Airforce Service Pilots program, though her excitement is mixed with the apprehensions of leaving her ailing father and the only home she’s ever known.

War complicates life and life complicates war as Liddy’s unconventional journey brings true friendships and true love into her life for the first time. The high-spirited and fun-loving female fliers in this novel have the time of their lives and get into their share of mischief, while they loyally serve their country and each other. Liddy Hall and her dynamic friends will endear and entertain as they all learn what it truly means to have wings.

I really cannot give my opinion on this book yet. I have just started reading this over the weekend but so far I am enjoying this book.