Russian Ball Piping Tips

Last year I was searching cake decorating tips on Amazon and I came across this lovely post. They looked interesting and I figured I would try them. white-cake-russian-tips

These do not fit the standard Wilton Coupler but truthfully I do not use this often. I usually put the tip inside the bag and cut the tip off. There is a coupler you can get to use with these tips but I do not have one at this point.

I love these tips. There are more different tips that I will be adding to this set. I have found a great Tutorial on using these tips.


I used only one tip with this cake. I will be using the others in the future and learning different techniques.


Hand Knitted Ball Ornaments

Hand knitted Christmas ornaments have become a favorite of mine. I knit these throughout the year. Some months more than others. These will be found around the house and a tree adorned  with nothing but knitted ornaments and lights. Of course, the lights have to be clear.

I came across this pattern book a few years ago at the library. I ended up purchasing the BOOK from amazon after I spent several days going over the patterns.knit ball book

The patterns in the book uses the same pattern for all the ornaments. The only difference is the placement of the color or the design. There is a blank graph so I can design my own color pattern. This is knitted on double point needle (dpn). I have used several different types. I like to use these dpn from Knick Picks and they are made of birch.

I use 5 dpn (4 for pattern and 1 extra to knit) to do these balls . I start with cast-on of 12 stitches and join in the round. I use a long tail cast on. I start with 3 stitches on 4 needles. It is a little slow starting since the needle is small. These are knitted with increases every other row until row 15. There are no increases from row 15 – 27. On row 28, the drecreases start every other row until there are 3 stitches left. I use Yarn Bobbins to keep the yarn secure I am working knit1


The yarn I use is a sport weight. I have tried differnt types and brands. When I first started these; I tried an acrylic yarn. I was not happy with the result. The color pattern seemed to get lost in the knitting with the background. Finally, I ended up ordering from Knit Picks, Wool of the Andes in sport weight. It is great. The color stands apart from the background and yarn is durable. I have about 20 different colors to work with. yarn ball

christmas knit2

christmas knit3