New Bed for Maggie

Yesterday I spent another day at my sewing machine. I had some fleece stored up from my last visit to Joann’s. I wanted to do something with it but not sure of what I wanted. I decided to go back to pinterest. This has become my go-to site. Searching through the pins, I came across dog bed/pillow project. There was no written instructions for this but the photos are self explanatory. It has a diagram for cutting as well. I decided our Maggie Mae needed another bed. The other 3 beds just was not enough for a 4 pound baby.

maggie bed blanket

You can see for yourself that she absolutely loves it. I had extra fabric left. I felt that she needed her own personal size blanket. All I did for the blanket was cut the length about 3 feet long. I pinned right sides together and sewn around edges leaving a 4 inch opening for turning. I clipped the corners and turned right side out. I also sewn a seam about 1/4 inch from edge to finish off. This also closed up the opening. The edges are not perfect because of “mechanical difficulties with sewing machine” but it is perfect for her.

maggie new bed






Tabletop Placemat

Yesterday was a day spent making sweet potato bread. While that was cooking I decided to break out the sewing machine. I have a sewing machine cabinet that belonged to my grandmother. I wanted to make a cover for it. I spent time looking at Pinterest for ideas. I came across something so simple and I am asking myself why i did not think of this before – a place mat. I decided on the fabric from my stash. I took the measurements I needed and threw it together. I did not have the right fusible interfacing i wanted to use. The one I ended up using was little more thicker but its fine for this cabinet.

I did not use any instructions. It was a very simple project to do but here is a place mat tutorial for anyone who is new to sewing.sewing cabinet