Momma’s Quilt

My grandmother told me once that there is a story behind every quilt. My love of quilts came from her. She never used a sewing machine. All of her quilts were hand stitched and hand quilted. She kept a quilting frame in her house. Her house was small; yet she raised 3 daughters in that 4 room home. Her bedroom never had a light in the ceiling. She used lamps scattered through the room. Her ceiling held her quilting frame. She raised it up and was kept at the ceiling when she was not working on a quilt.

The pattern is called Dresden Plate.  There are printable pattern templates online but I actually found a plastic acrylic template at my local craft store. It has a good tutorial as well.

This is my Dresden Plate quilt and its story. I call it (Momma’s Quilt).

quilr full

This was made from scraps I had from clothes I made for the girls when they were little. I also used some from other projects. I put the plate onto a 15 inch muslin. I framed each block in a pattern fabric.

My mother was taking chemotherapy. She was more heat intolerance during this treatment.  This was started long before her cancer diagnosis and I planned to give to her for her birthday.  Cutting out each individual wedge can be time consuming but worth it. We were told not long after her treatments ended that the chemotherapy and radiation did not work and to prepare ourselves. Nothing prepares you for hearing that. I worked extra hard to finish this. This quilt caught many tears. She was getting this quilt for her birthday no matter how long I work everyday.

quilt line

I decided not to use any quilt batting because of how hot she stayed. I just put a cotton flannel on back and quilted the 2 pieces of fabric together. It was the right thickness for her without her feeling too hot when she used it. She received it for her birthday in August. She loved it. We had to bring it with us on the times we ended up at the hospital. I would tell her where each piece of fabric came from.

quilt close

Four months later she lost her battle with breast cancer on December 12. 2004. Now, we have our memories. She had so much enjoyment from this quilt those last 4 months.