Fingerless Gloves

This is one my favorite fingerless glove patterns to knit up. It is a free pattern on Ravelry. You do have to login to Ravelry to view this pattern. I have said this before in earlier post that this is my go-to place for patterns. I have worn these working out in the yard, out on the porch knitting, football games or any other place you would need your fingers free.  Yes, I am the one that is at a game knitting. I only went to football games to watch the marching band. I am not a sports fan but loved the band. My girls were marching band students.

fingerless gloves

This Susie Rogers’ Reading Mitts pattern has 3 sizes and you could adjust the length too. These in the picture are knitted up in different lengths. I am in process of making another pair. These also make wonderful gifts.



WIP are “Works In Progress”.

WIP have many different meanings but for me it is knitting. Someone who knits, crochets or crafts know this phrase too well. This phrase is used in the workplace too. I have many WIP and I know I am not alone. I just did not know how many until I counted them. There are times I just get tired of working on one project and I really like that I can choose to pick up something else for a while. Also, I have some “mindless” projects that I can grab to carry with me if I find myself in a doctor’s office or anywhere unexpected. I will list all my WIP plus patterns yarn used.

I had all the different WIP floating around in different bags. There were times that I have misplaced one or two. I have a friend who had these big zip-lock bags with handles for her crochet projects and I had an “Aha” moment. I knew this was perfect for me. I found these locally but I have found them HERE on Amazon. I have each project in a big.  wip storage bags

wip bags

(WIP 1) Be Simple Shawl – This is an asymmetrical shawl – scarf with a picot edging. The yarn I am using for this is KnitPicks Brava Sport in “Cobblestone Heather”. I think I may use white for the picot edge but I have not yet decided.wip 1 asymetrical scarf

(WIP 2) Warm Waffles Baby Blanket – This is a good texture blanket for a baby. The front or back looks good. I used I Love This Yarn in “Graphite”. I really like this pattern. I might use this on a washcloth. wip 2 waffle baby blanket

(WIP 3) Feather and Fan Washcloth – I love this pattern and have made many times. This is a great project to make for a baby girl gift. I recently made a set of 3 in pink and white to gift at a baby shower. I used I Love This Cotton in “Ivory”. I have just started this one but it works up quickly.wip 3 feather and fan washcloth

(WIP 4) Costa Brava Shawl – This is a new pattern for me that I have just started. I am not sure if I even like it yet. I did go through several patterns before I decided on this one. I am using Knit Picks Brava Sport  yarn in “white”. wip 4 costa brave shawl

(WIP 5)  Lace Tablecloth – This one is a long process but worth every stitch. I love the fact the pattern is written out and not just in graphs. I am using Lifelines in this project since It is so many yarn overs. I also mark on my pattern which row I have used the lifeline on. The yarn I used is Crochet Thread size 10 in “Natural”.wip 5 lace tablecloth

(WIP 6) Cable and Seed Stitch Afghan  – This is a quick and easy pattern. I love this pattern. I have made this several times over and it is soft and squishy. I am using KnitPicks Brava Sport yarn in “Hunter”. This pattern requires you to hold a double strand when knitting. wip 6 cable and seed stitch afghan

(WIP 7)  1×1 Ribbed Cowl – There is no link for this. This is something I came up with since it is extremely easy. Cast on 260 stitches. Join in round without twisting. *Knit 1. Purl 1* Repeat until you get the desired length. Cast off in pattern. I used I Love This Yarn in “Cranberry”.wip 7 1x1 rib cowl

(WIP 8) Breakfast At Tiffany’s baby sweater. I have made this several times. It is always a big hit with the new mothers. I still need to do the sleeves. I am using I Love This Yarn in “Red”. I have not been pleased with the ribbed collar. I have plans on adjusting this next time I make the sweater. I have thought of a picot edge. wip 8 Breakfast at Tiffany baby sweater

(WIP 9) 50 Knitted Christmas Balls. This is my favorite. I love this pattern. The pattern is the same for all 50 balls. The only change is the color chart diagram. I have made many of these and they make great gifts. I have tried a few different types of yarn. I found the best yarn to use is wool. I use KnitPicks Wool Of The Andes. I have used many different types of colors. A person will need to be familiar with DPN – double point needles. I use 5 (4 holding yarn and 1 to work with) to make these. I do find that starting it is not quickly since you only start with 3 needles on each needle.  I find it easy to start on a flat surface until there are a few rows knitted.  Several color graphs can be found on ravelry but I recommend purchasing the book. It has the pattern listed and many charts. Plus, It has a blank graph that I can design my own color chart.wip 9 Christmas ball ornament


Circular Knitting Needles Storage

I love circular knitting needles but I do not like the interchangeable knitting needles. I rather have a needle that is made together solid. This will result in having several needles of the same size in different lengths. They can become a tangled mess if not stored correctly. I have tried several different options. I have tried hanging them, keeping them in the original package and adding them inside a box in zip loc bags.

A binder was my last thought and it works great. I have 2 binders. I have them separated by the needle size. One binder is from size 0-7 and the other size is 8-50.

cir needle 1

I decided to use zippered pouches inside for the needles. I was lucky to get these for 50 cents each. I found these on the clearance rack at the store after school supplies went on sale. I like these with a clear plastic window. I can see my needles and my list for each pouch. I store my DPN (double point needle) and my circulars inside.

I have a favorite needle too. I love ChiaoGoo needles. I use the red lace metal ones. They have a sharper point for ease of picking up stitches. The cord does not keep memory. I have used a few that the cord is plastic and it keeps rolling up. This is very frustrating.

cir needle 2

I used a 4×6 index card to keep track of my needles in each pouch. I used a label maker to make sure it is neat. I list the type of needle, size, length and what material the needle is made of. I can add a new label to the card whenever I purchase a new needle. I do this often. Sometimes, I find a new project. I do not have the size of needle or length I need.

cir needle 3

The binders are kept is a plastic bin. I also have in the bin crochet hooks and any additional knitting notions

cir needle 4

I also recently purchased a rolling cart. I am constantly going to different areas of my home and I was tired of taking all my knitting with me in different trips. I can roll this with me anywhere I want to sit and knit, even if it’s outside. I keep my current projects, printed out instructions, yarn and anything else I think I would need.

yarn cart


Hanks to Cakes

Hanks to cakes might sound confusing to some but to knitters or crocheters this makes perfect sense. Hanks are usually what is sold in the yarn store. A yarn hank is yarn wound into a large circle and then folded among itself. yarn hank

Once you are ready to use the hank, you will need to unwind it. If it is not done properlly, you will have a big knotted mess. A Yarn Swift is needed for unwinding. It does take room to use but stores away easily. The yarn is unfolded and the circle is carefully put on the swift. yarn swift

Once the yarn hank is on the swift, the ball is ready to be wound up in a cake or ball. A yarn ball winder is needed at this point. I have been through several different types until I found this one from Fiber Artist Supply. It is made of wood and the best one I have come across. I like using a manual winder instead of electric. I can control the tension and if I see a knot, I can fix it right away.yarn winder

This is the setup I use with both the ballwinder and swift.yarn swiftwinder

I end up with yarn cakes. yarn cakes

HERE is a tutorial video on instructions on how to use a yarn swift and yarn winder. This is not the winder I have but it is pretty much the same concept. It has instructions about unwinding a hank as well.

Hand Knitted Ball Ornaments

Hand knitted Christmas ornaments have become a favorite of mine. I knit these throughout the year. Some months more than others. These will be found around the house and a tree adorned  with nothing but knitted ornaments and lights. Of course, the lights have to be clear.

I came across this pattern book a few years ago at the library. I ended up purchasing the BOOK from amazon after I spent several days going over the patterns.knit ball book

The patterns in the book uses the same pattern for all the ornaments. The only difference is the placement of the color or the design. There is a blank graph so I can design my own color pattern. This is knitted on double point needle (dpn). I have used several different types. I like to use these dpn from Knick Picks and they are made of birch.

I use 5 dpn (4 for pattern and 1 extra to knit) to do these balls . I start with cast-on of 12 stitches and join in the round. I use a long tail cast on. I start with 3 stitches on 4 needles. It is a little slow starting since the needle is small. These are knitted with increases every other row until row 15. There are no increases from row 15 – 27. On row 28, the drecreases start every other row until there are 3 stitches left. I use Yarn Bobbins to keep the yarn secure I am working knit1


The yarn I use is a sport weight. I have tried differnt types and brands. When I first started these; I tried an acrylic yarn. I was not happy with the result. The color pattern seemed to get lost in the knitting with the background. Finally, I ended up ordering from Knit Picks, Wool of the Andes in sport weight. It is great. The color stands apart from the background and yarn is durable. I have about 20 different colors to work with. yarn ball

christmas knit2

christmas knit3



Emily’s Cowl

Another cowl finished. I have finished several this year and it seems that everyone just love these circular never-ending scarves. This was made for my daughter. It might be next winter before she can actually wear this. We are having temperatures in the low 80’s now. Early spring is here or should I say early Summer.  This is something I can put in my bag and carry it with me. I had to work on it at home once it was bigger. I really hate to be stuck somewhere and realize I do not have my knitting. Dishcloths work great for keeping in your bag for those unexpected visits to the doctor or what ever else could come up in our daily schedule.

emy cowl

Here is a link to the pattern. Again, I found it on Ravelry. It is one of those patterns that you do not have to refer back to if you are an intermediate or advanced knitter. It is still a great beginner pattern.

It is a two-row pattern:

Row 1: K1 . *P1 . K1*   –  Repeat pattern from * to *

Row 2: K1 . P1  –  Repeat to end

My daughter selected the pattern and yarn since it was for her. We finally got a LYS!!! All of you that has no idea what a LYS is – Local Yarn Store. Mobile Yarn is the name. The link will take you to their Facebook page. My daughter chose Plymouth Gina Yarn. She decided on something neutral. The colorway is grey, beige and brown. It is 100% wool and it is self-striping.

close self stripe yarn

I really like this yarn and I will be using it again. I did not knit the length suggested in the pattern. I just got my daughter  wrap it around her neck to measure what length she wanted. After seaming up the ends, it looked a little small. It was a perfect length once it was blocked.





Feather and Fan

The Feather and Fan stitch is an old and timeless pattern. I have come across patterns with this stitch dating back to the 1930’s. I am not sure the exact date when this was introduced but it is popular today as it was then. There are many different variations of this stitch. This is a lace pattern; therefore you can see the feathers and fans in this pattern once the 4 rows are established.

I decided to make washcloths for gifts. The yarn i used was very soft and I would not use as a dishcloth.A dishcloth needs to be a yarn that feels more rough. Yes, it will shrink in the dryer. It is 100% cotton. I usually wash in the washing machine and lay flat to dry. In the picture below, the washcloth has not been washed or blocked yet. Blocking will stretch the washcloth to the desired size and the pattern will show up nicely too.

fandf wash

The pattern I used can be found Here. I am in process of making others to go along with this one. It is a easy 4 row repeat pattern. I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I did.