Russian Ball Piping Tips

Last year I was searching cake decorating tips on Amazon and I came across this lovely post. They looked interesting and I figured I would try them. white-cake-russian-tips

These do not fit the standard Wilton Coupler but truthfully I do not use this often. I usually put the tip inside the bag and cut the tip off. There is a coupler you can get to use with these tips but I do not have one at this point.

I love these tips. There are more different tips that I will be adding to this set. I have found a great Tutorial on using these tips.


I used only one tip with this cake. I will be using the others in the future and learning different techniques.


Getting Back To It

It has been several months since I have made any post. Life just happens. It started with my body scan. I had Thyroid Cancer in 2013. The cancer is gone but I have to deal with issues with not having a thyroid, which is a lifelong issue. I have good days and bad days. I take each day as it comes and feel blessed every day I am here. The body scan is done to make sure the cancer did not show its face again. I am glad to say that I am still cancer free!! I had to do some shots prior to the scan during that week. I am not going to get technical with it but it helped my thyroid hormone level get to the point it needed to be for the scan without coming off my meds. It just made me feel as if I did come off my meds. I had to do a low iodine diet (LID) three weeks prior to scan. I think the worst of it all was that I had to stay away from seafood, which was tough since I live along the gulf coast. We are known for our local seafood. The first thing I did after the scan was lunch at a local seafood restaurant – Red snapper with crawfish and lobster sauce.

We completed several projects since then as well. My husband built me a green house. I had to help him thought. I love it. I will post pictures soon and the link for the plans. We also finished the office. I will post the final pictures for that too.  I did make homemade soap for the first time. I used natural oils: olive, coconut and caster oil. This is easy but safety precautions need to be made. I will explain all of that in the upcoming post. I would advise to research before you even start. I have been wanting to do this for a while. I have read books and watched videos on this.

There is a lot of things I have planned in the upcoming future. Mainly, getting the house back in order. The bedroom needs to be painted. I still have not yet decided on a color. My husband made a comment to me the other day when he say all my paint squares on the wall. He asked me if that was a hint for him. It’s funny but like I told him it was for me. I have yet decided on a color. The color of the wall is a dark green now. I want to go lighter and I think I am not seeing the color because of all the dark green. I may just pick a color and go with it. I am looking at a blue. It is so odd for me. Many years now, I have loved red and browns. Now, I am enjoying blues. I guess it might be the fact I want things calming. We are considering moving our washer and dryer to a back room to make that an utility room and turn the utility room into a pantry.

Stay tuned for upcoming post and have a blessed day!

Growing Up

MAGGIE maeOur Maggie Mae is growing up. This month she is 8 months old and weighs a BIG 8 pounds. She has taken claim to one of the ornaments I have been knitting up. She loves this little ball. I see myself making more for her in the future. She is so loving and always ready to lavish us with kisses. When any of us come in the door she is there to greet us; no matter if it’s a few hours or a few minutes. Her tails starts to wag really fast. That will lead into her whole body wiggling. She will cry and whimper until you pick her up for hugs. She just learned to jump up on the couch. This is a big accomplishment considering her size. Her favorite playing is what her daddy started –  puppy fishing. A tie from a robe is drug across the floor while she tries to catch it. She still will not walk up or down steps though.

Loose Leaf Tea or Tea Bags?


Is there any difference between loose leaf tea and tea bags? Of course it is! There are many reasons listed. Most important is the taste. If you want tea at the best flavor; go for loose tea. The tea from ready-made tea bags are the small particles and dust from the loose leaf tea.  HERE is a link that explains in more details.

A teapot, a tea infuser or filters are ways to make tea from loose leaf depending on your preference. Filtering the tea is the object regardless what option you prefer.

Tea infusers are great to use with individual cups. They come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be simple or fun.  HERE is a link for some infusers. These infusers will hold enough tea to make a single cup of tea, depending on how strong you like your tea. I use one teaspoon for each cup.

These are some I have.tea infusers

This is my favorite one.tea manatea cup

Infusers are great but are not great for traveling. Tea bags are great for on the go convenience. I came across a solution – Tea Filters! These come in different sizes. I chose to go with a (2). These are longer. I just fold down the top to keep it closed. You can use a staple or thread and needle. tea filters

Now, lets talk about another way to have loose tea. I would consider this as the traditional way of making tea – Teapots. HERE is a link for shopping for teapots. There are many out there and many different types. There are some with a mesh basket inside the teapot for filtering the tea. This teapot is the one I use and I have found matching cups. I like this size of teapot. I can get about 3 cups of tea. This one does not have a mesh filter inside but I use a strainer that fits over the cup. tea for one

You cannot heat the water in the teapot itself. It will break. I use a tea kettle to heat the water on the stove top. Mine is a whistling tea kettle. Let it sit for about 30 seconds before you pour the water into the teapot and let steep. I use about 3-4 teaspoons per teapot. Adjust to your own preferences. The steeping time depends on the type of tea that is used. Here is a link that explains steeping tea times.

There are many different tea companies that offers loose tea and many different flavors. My favorite tea right now is from Tea Forte. I came across this company several years ago searching for tea. I have several favorites from them: black currantmountain oolong and orange jasmine.




Guess what it is??


Let’s play a guessing game. Take a guess at what this is and what is it used for?  I just wonder how many of you will get this correct. Leave your answer in the comments below. There is not a prize for the winner except knowing you were right! I will update this post Wednesday and will let you know what it is and what it is used for.

I’m Back

I have been out for several weeks. I think everyone in our house ended up sick. This is what is expected in Alabama weather. It is hot and humid one day. Then drops 20 degrees or more the next day but it is never really cold. I am on the mend. I did have my trusty sidekick. She is such a loving baby.


Maggie Mae is showing off her new bow. She usually sticks her tongue out. Sometimes she sleeps with it sticking out too. She is now 5 months old and weighs a big 5.14 pounds.

I have several things I have planned coming up. I will keep all of you updated. Stay tuned for more!