Getting Back To It

It has been several months since I have made any post. Life just happens. It started with my body scan. I had Thyroid Cancer in 2013. The cancer is gone but I have to deal with issues with not having a thyroid, which is a lifelong issue. I have good days and bad days. I take each day as it comes and feel blessed every day I am here. The body scan is done to make sure the cancer did not show its face again. I am glad to say that I am still cancer free!! I had to do some shots prior to the scan during that week. I am not going to get technical with it but it helped my thyroid hormone level get to the point it needed to be for the scan without coming off my meds. It just made me feel as if I did come off my meds. I had to do a low iodine diet (LID) three weeks prior to scan. I think the worst of it all was that I had to stay away from seafood, which was tough since I live along the gulf coast. We are known for our local seafood. The first thing I did after the scan was lunch at a local seafood restaurant – Red snapper with crawfish and lobster sauce.

We completed several projects since then as well. My husband built me a green house. I had to help him thought. I love it. I will post pictures soon and the link for the plans. We also finished the office. I will post the final pictures for that too.  I did make homemade soap for the first time. I used natural oils: olive, coconut and caster oil. This is easy but safety precautions need to be made. I will explain all of that in the upcoming post. I would advise to research before you even start. I have been wanting to do this for a while. I have read books and watched videos on this.

There is a lot of things I have planned in the upcoming future. Mainly, getting the house back in order. The bedroom needs to be painted. I still have not yet decided on a color. My husband made a comment to me the other day when he say all my paint squares on the wall. He asked me if that was a hint for him. It’s funny but like I told him it was for me. I have yet decided on a color. The color of the wall is a dark green now. I want to go lighter and I think I am not seeing the color because of all the dark green. I may just pick a color and go with it. I am looking at a blue. It is so odd for me. Many years now, I have loved red and browns. Now, I am enjoying blues. I guess it might be the fact I want things calming. We are considering moving our washer and dryer to a back room to make that an utility room and turn the utility room into a pantry.

Stay tuned for upcoming post and have a blessed day!


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