New Rose Blooming

DA1I decided to add a new rose to my collection but I wanted a climbing rose. I needed to come up with an idea of where would be the best place to plant since I have to consider the climbing stems. I decided a garden trellis next to my porch surrounded by the lilies. The lilies have started to die down about this time of year but next year it will be beautiful.

I searched for climbing roses. I wanted an David Austin English Rose. I was fortunate to come across one at Lowes about 5 years ago but I could not find anyone locally that carried them now. I went looking online at David Austin Roses website. There was so many to choose from. I wanted one with lots of petals and a strong fragrant. I decided to go with the Abraham Darby rose. This was shipped before spring. It was small but it finally took off but next year I imagine it will be full of blooms. I only get a few right now but it is still young.




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