Update on Office

We are still working on our office. This is an update to my earlier post of Updated Office. Now we are adding the final touches to the room. We still need to install the shelves (we meaning my husband will put them where I tell him I want them) on the wall and I have finally decided what I want. I will put the shelves scattered on the wall – maybe different lengths. I know I am going to use the same stain that was used for the desktops – Rust – Oleum Stain in Kona. This is a dark stain and I like it the most because it was a chocolate-brown undertone instead of a red undertone. I only used one coat of stain. We still need to touch up the braces but I will do that when I paint the braces for shelves. The braces and trim are painted the same color – Valspar in Du Jour. desk

The paint we used on the walls is Valspar in Puppy Paws. This color was decided after many months of looking at samples on my wall. I truthfully  was at the point of mixing all the paint samples together to come up with one.

I brought in a blue color by painting the doors. I used Sherwin Williams in Tradewind for this. I really like this blue. I actually painted the inside of the front door this color. room

I need to add drapery as well. I will concentrate on this blue color for the fabric. I will keep making updates as we get things finished.


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