Updated Office – in progress

A new coat of paint sometimes is all that is needed to update a room but sometimes things turn into a bigger project. We finally decided to update our office after many years of looking at the same walls and sitting at the same desks. This is also why I have not made many blog posts.

Painting the walls has not happened yet. I got a wild hair about 10 years ago and decided to put a glaze on the walls. I thought this was a neat idea until halfway through. About this time I was thinking “Why Me?” My daughters at the time thought it was so much fun.

The walls had to be sanded before any painting. I also filled holes that was in walls too. This had to be done prior to painting Kilz on the walls. I had to cover up the glaze on the walls. We found several cracks that needed repair when we sanded the walls. These will need to be fixed first. Office Before 1

I have a couple of plans for this room. I will be attaching a L-shaped desk on the wall. I will be installing shelves on the wall. I did stain the wood for desk a chocolate-brown and several coats of polyurethane. I will stain the shelves and brackets the same color. Office Desktop

The walls will be a light brown and I plan on bringing a light blue color in the accessories. I will post updates on this room.


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