WIP are “Works In Progress”.

WIP have many different meanings but for me it is knitting. Someone who knits, crochets or crafts know this phrase too well. This phrase is used in the workplace too. I have many WIP and I know I am not alone. I just did not know how many until I counted them. There are times I just get tired of working on one project and I really like that I can choose to pick up something else for a while. Also, I have some “mindless” projects that I can grab to carry with me if I find myself in a doctor’s office or anywhere unexpected. I will list all my WIP plus patterns yarn used.

I had all the different WIP floating around in different bags. There were times that I have misplaced one or two. I have a friend who had these big zip-lock bags with handles for her crochet projects and I had an “Aha” moment. I knew this was perfect for me. I found these locally but I have found them HERE on Amazon. I have each project in a big.  wip storage bags

wip bags

(WIP 1) Be Simple Shawl – This is an asymmetrical shawl – scarf with a picot edging. The yarn I am using for this is KnitPicks Brava Sport in “Cobblestone Heather”. I think I may use white for the picot edge but I have not yet decided.wip 1 asymetrical scarf

(WIP 2) Warm Waffles Baby Blanket – This is a good texture blanket for a baby. The front or back looks good. I used I Love This Yarn in “Graphite”. I really like this pattern. I might use this on a washcloth. wip 2 waffle baby blanket

(WIP 3) Feather and Fan Washcloth – I love this pattern and have made many times. This is a great project to make for a baby girl gift. I recently made a set of 3 in pink and white to gift at a baby shower. I used I Love This Cotton in “Ivory”. I have just started this one but it works up quickly.wip 3 feather and fan washcloth

(WIP 4) Costa Brava Shawl – This is a new pattern for me that I have just started. I am not sure if I even like it yet. I did go through several patterns before I decided on this one. I am using Knit Picks Brava Sport  yarn in “white”. wip 4 costa brave shawl

(WIP 5)  Lace Tablecloth – This one is a long process but worth every stitch. I love the fact the pattern is written out and not just in graphs. I am using Lifelines in this project since It is so many yarn overs. I also mark on my pattern which row I have used the lifeline on. The yarn I used is Crochet Thread size 10 in “Natural”.wip 5 lace tablecloth

(WIP 6) Cable and Seed Stitch Afghan  – This is a quick and easy pattern. I love this pattern. I have made this several times over and it is soft and squishy. I am using KnitPicks Brava Sport yarn in “Hunter”. This pattern requires you to hold a double strand when knitting. wip 6 cable and seed stitch afghan

(WIP 7)  1×1 Ribbed Cowl – There is no link for this. This is something I came up with since it is extremely easy. Cast on 260 stitches. Join in round without twisting. *Knit 1. Purl 1* Repeat until you get the desired length. Cast off in pattern. I used I Love This Yarn in “Cranberry”.wip 7 1x1 rib cowl

(WIP 8) Breakfast At Tiffany’s baby sweater. I have made this several times. It is always a big hit with the new mothers. I still need to do the sleeves. I am using I Love This Yarn in “Red”. I have not been pleased with the ribbed collar. I have plans on adjusting this next time I make the sweater. I have thought of a picot edge. wip 8 Breakfast at Tiffany baby sweater

(WIP 9) 50 Knitted Christmas Balls. This is my favorite. I love this pattern. The pattern is the same for all 50 balls. The only change is the color chart diagram. I have made many of these and they make great gifts. I have tried a few different types of yarn. I found the best yarn to use is wool. I use KnitPicks Wool Of The Andes. I have used many different types of colors. A person will need to be familiar with DPN – double point needles. I use 5 (4 holding yarn and 1 to work with) to make these. I do find that starting it is not quickly since you only start with 3 needles on each needle.  I find it easy to start on a flat surface until there are a few rows knitted.  Several color graphs can be found on ravelry but I recommend purchasing the book. It has the pattern listed and many charts. Plus, It has a blank graph that I can design my own color chart.wip 9 Christmas ball ornament



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