Circular Knitting Needles Storage

I love circular knitting needles but I do not like the interchangeable knitting needles. I rather have a needle that is made together solid. This will result in having several needles of the same size in different lengths. They can become a tangled mess if not stored correctly. I have tried several different options. I have tried hanging them, keeping them in the original package and adding them inside a box in zip loc bags.

A binder was my last thought and it works great. I have 2 binders. I have them separated by the needle size. One binder is from size 0-7 and the other size is 8-50.

cir needle 1

I decided to use zippered pouches inside for the needles. I was lucky to get these for 50 cents each. I found these on the clearance rack at the store after school supplies went on sale. I like these with a clear plastic window. I can see my needles and my list for each pouch. I store my DPN (double point needle) and my circulars inside.

I have a favorite needle too. I love ChiaoGoo needles. I use the red lace metal ones. They have a sharper point for ease of picking up stitches. The cord does not keep memory. I have used a few that the cord is plastic and it keeps rolling up. This is very frustrating.

cir needle 2

I used a 4×6 index card to keep track of my needles in each pouch. I used a label maker to make sure it is neat. I list the type of needle, size, length and what material the needle is made of. I can add a new label to the card whenever I purchase a new needle. I do this often. Sometimes, I find a new project. I do not have the size of needle or length I need.

cir needle 3

The binders are kept is a plastic bin. I also have in the bin crochet hooks and any additional knitting notions

cir needle 4

I also recently purchased a rolling cart. I am constantly going to different areas of my home and I was tired of taking all my knitting with me in different trips. I can roll this with me anywhere I want to sit and knit, even if it’s outside. I keep my current projects, printed out instructions, yarn and anything else I think I would need.

yarn cart



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