Fresh Blueberries

My blueberries are growing!blueberry 1

I planted these about 4 years ago and  finally producing enough that the birds can share with me. Here is a link explaining how to plant and grow. A blueberry bush should be planted in the early spring. Blueberries do well in full fun but can tolerate a little bit of shade. I fertilize twice a year: spring and fall. I use Miracle Grow Fruit Tree Spikes in the ground around the base of the bush. The number of spikes to use depends on the height of the tree. I have had some blueberries in the past few years but it always has been a handful. This year I have quite a few but the bushes are under 4 feet tall. I have been gathering blueberries every morning for the last few days.

blueberry 3

This year, my daughter helped me cut up plastic shopping bags into long strips. I tied these loosely to the stems on the bush. My plan was that the movement of the strips would keep the birds away. Once the blueberries were all picked, I will take down all the plastic strips.blueberry 2


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