Bye Bye Fire Ants!!!!!!

They are very irritating and persistent! They can cause a great deal of havoc in a yard. We have them everywhere.  This is very common living in the south. Here is a link to areas listed that has an ant population. You can search your area if you are not sure but all you need to do is walk outside. I do a lot of gardening outside. I have made a habit of checking first before I walk in an area or reach with my hands. An ant mound can pop up anywhere. I found them inside the pot of a potted plant. It was surrounding the root ball.

Fire ant 1

One bite from a fire ant starts off stinging which will lead to days of itching. The skin will become red and you will see some swelling. Of course, it is never just one. They will attack and bite in numbers. I can be just a few or a whole lot. I had just a couple of them in different areas and some bites close to each other. Either way, they are just a nuisance.  When I realize I have ant bites, I rub some witch hazel on them. It seems to stop the stinging but it is what my grandmother used – witch hazel or rubbing alcohol. A List can be found here of different home remedies. I have heard of using the tobacco from a cigarette by wetting it and putting it on the bite.

Let’s talk about how to get rid of them. It seems impossible at time. You can use the commercial stuff. Some may not be safe for pets. I have chickens that forage around in the yard. This was not advisable for me to use. I came across an organic type pesticide that was safe for pets. It worked fine but really the ants would just move in a different area close by.

There are many home remedies that is out there. I have heard of boiling water but have not tried this. I have used with no success club soda. A list of other home remedies can be found here.

I cannot take credit for this. A friend told me to use corn meal. I never heard of this but it could not hurt to try. I sprinkled some over the mound and the surrounding area. Now all I have to do is wait and see if it would work. I only did this once. I did not want to use all of the cornmeal on the other mounds if it did not. Fire ant 2

I checked the mound 24 hours later and I have a dead mound! Fire ant 3

Do not put cornmeal out before it rains. It will not work. The next day, I tried again on a different mound before it rained. They were still there the next morning. I think it becomes a snack for them if it is wet. This will not get rid of them in your yard altogether. It will kill a mound but new ones will pop up. Treat them the same way. I put cornmeal out over one as soon as I see it.


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