Flower Bed..

I have been busy planting and doing some landscaping with flower beds. Brick borders makes a difference. It keeps the mulch inside and easier to mow the lawn as well. This project started back in January when we enclosed in the corner of the house and adding topsoil to even  out the area. Also, this was the time to plant the hostas, lilies and roses. I am in zone 9 so these have to be planted in the cold weather in January and they come up to bloom in the spring. HERE is a link to find your planting hardiness zone.back porch after

After the planting was done for these plants, I added red mulch and a brick border. It is now May and additional planting has taken place in this area. I have planted additional Easter Lilies after they bloomed. I have planted lavender next to the rose bush. lily garden

The hostas are growing and getting bigger. The lilies should be blooming soon. I cannot remember which variety I planted. The rose should be blooming soon and the lavender as well.

I planted hydrangeas along the front of back porch. This is my favorite flower. They are small now but will grow bigger by next spring.

hydrangea garden

Here is the whole back porch area. It’s a lot of work but worth it. Maintaining should be easy since they have a brick border and mulch. We have a lonely little fig tree beside the steps. I am really not sure where to plant that yet. garden house 1


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