Pink Polka Dot Plant

This plant is true to its name – Pink Polka Dot. It is a leafy plant that has green leaves with pink polka dots. The pink color will become brighter depending on how much sunlight it gets. It needs lots of sun light.  Place near a window if this is indoors. During warmer months, I keep this plant on the back porch. This plant can become leggy; which you can see mine has. You can pinch off the tops to encourage a bushy growth. Also, this does produce flowers. I usually pinch those off since the plant is for the foliage itself and not the flowers. In the picture below you can see on the left side of the picture that I missed one of the flower buds. These flowers will take nutrients away from the polk dot

HERE is a link to growing a polka dot plant yourself. This plant can be split and divided if it becomes too crowded in the pot. I take a sharp knife and cut the rootball into sections and plant each secion in its’ on pot. I have done this once with this plant already.



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