Devil’s Ivy


This is one of the easiest houseplant to grow. Some would have this hanging above their sink. My mother in law did and we all threatened to throw it out but we never did. The stems would get in our faces once they got too long and we would hit our heads on the pot too. It had sunlight from the window and the steam from the sink was beneficial too. In fact, this plant came from a cutting from hers. If it got too long; she would cut it back. But she never threw them out. She would put the stems she cut off in a mason jar of water and set it on a windowsill in the kitchen. Eventually, roots would form from the cut stems. These can be planted for a new plant or they can be added to the existing plant.

The vines will grow very long. It is best displayed on top of a cabinet, plant stand or hanging basket so the vines can drape. This can be tained to grow on some form of trellis or a moss stick. It will not do well in full sunlight. It does best in part shade with filtering light. I keep mine on the back porch outdoors and on a plant stand in indirect light from a window indoors.

There are times when the stems become leggy. Don’t be worried. A little time and it will be full and vigorous again. If the stems become leggy, with sharp pruning shears cut back to the top of the pot. You will have just a few inches of the plant left.

It is best to repot annually in the spring / summer. I use a general potting soil for this and I clip back any long stems. Select a pot bigger than the current pot when you are repotting. I like to use ceramic or clay pots. Looks nicer than those plain black pots from garden center.

During spring, summer and early fall I fertilze every 2-3 weeks with Epsom salt. If the leaves are staying yellow and falling off; it is being watered too much. Discard the yellow leaves and cut stems back if needed. Back off on the watering. HERE is a link that will give you information about growing your Devil’s Ivy.


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