Handful of Fresh Herbs

I love fresh herbs and they are really easy to grow. They can be planted outside in the ground but I favor to grow mine in containers. I keep them on the back porch in clay pots (I love clay pots). I like having them close by when I want a sprig of rosemary for chicken, a bundle of basil for pasta sauce or a couple leaves of mint floating around in lemonade. I only have a handful right now but I will be adding to my collection soon. I have decided to use larger pots for my favorite ones: Sweet Basil, Sweet Mint, Rosemary and Fernleaf Dill. The small pots has Flat Italian Parsley and Garlic Chives.herbs



I love the smell of Basil. I will add this to italian dishes, soups, dressings and much more. I will make a Basil Pesto for dipping bread. The pesto can be used as a meat sauce.  Basil pairs with tomatoes wonderfully.  I add basil at the end of cooking time to get full flavor. I found that if added too early it will not be very flavorful and will cook apart.



I love to smell this as well. I will use whole sprigs or  just the leaves; depending on the recipe I am making.  I will use rosemary with meat, soups and vegetables. Rosemary Roasted Potatoes is one I like to make. Pruning will keep it from growing lanky. Regular harvesting will keep this plant growing full.



I just love everything about this herb: taste and smell. It has a slight fruity smell. This will not grow straight and tall. It will grow as a spreader (runner). I have found that I have to break up the leaves into pieces to get the full flavor. I just tear the leaves in small pieces. It is a great pairing to fruit. I can be added to a teapot for tea and add a couple leaves to a glass of lemonade. Fresh Fruit and Mint Salad is a favorite of mine, especially in the summer. It’s a great way to start a morning or a cool snack.



I love to add dill to any mayonnaise based salad and any prepared egg: scrambled eggs, deviled eggs and egg sandwich. It can be great when added to any baked good too (Cheddar Dill Scones). It is used for pickles as well.  I usually take a pair or scissors and just clip the amount I want. Cucumber Sandwich – a favorite of mine.


GARLIC CHIVESgarlic chives

I came across this herb several years ago at our local farmers market. It does not have a very strong smell. Yes, it does have a garlic smell. The smell is stronger when leaves are cut. I take a pair of scissors and just clip what I want. It is great on potatoes or anything that garlic would be used. I really could not find a recipe that uses “garlic chives”. I did find this recipe for Garlic and Chive Potatoes. I have used this before when making potatoes. I just added the garlic chives as I would have if it was just plain chives.



Parsley is good in italian dishes, soups, meats and salads. It is great for a garnish too. Herb Butter is a wonderful recipe. This can be used for just about anything from bread to topping for steak. It grows long but will not stand up.  It could become lanky but proper harvesting can help this.


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