Chinese Snowball Bush

Chinese Snowball bush is a large flowering bush. I have been looking for one of these bushes for a couple years. I actually found these at our local flea market from a local grower. The bush produces clusters of flowers to form a large size shaped “snowball”. The flowers start off small light green in color and opens up to white. If you have a love for hydrangeas; you will enjoy this when added to your garden. HERE is a link to the care of this plant. I am still learning about this myself.

snowball 3

A large area is needed for this bush to grow. It should get 8 to 10 feet high and just as wide. Pay attention to the area above as well as what would be planted close by. I did not plant these where I really wanted because of the power line. I have 2 of these planted in the front yard. They are about 10 feet apart. They are only about 2 feet high now and I am not sure how fast these grow. I am still looking into that. It really does not matter though. I will enjoy them while they are this small. Water from the bottom and try not to water overhead. It would not need pruning unless it gets too large or if the limbs become too droopy. I believe these will make a beautiful cut flower.

snowball 1


snowball 2



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