Recently, I came to learn about the Hosta plant through my sister in law. She has several planted in her yard. This is the first time I have planted any of these.  There are many different varieties of the hosta and I am not sure which one I have. Eventually, I will learn the difference between them. hosta 1

These are considered a perennial plant. That means that they will die down in the colder months but will sprout back out in the Spring.

hosta 2

I have seven planted right now along with some other lily plants.These will multiply also.    If the plants become overcrowded, they can be dug up and divided. Here is a link that will get instructions on how and when to do this.hosta 3

Apparently, slugs seem to like to eat on the leaves, leaving the leaf unsightly. I have not noticed it yet but the links I have included will help you with some information on this. These are considered a shade plant but does need some sun depending on the variety. I have these planted where they will get the morning and early afternoon sun only. They are in the shade after that time for the rest of the day. They will not get the harsh afternoon / evening sun. I am hopeful these will take off and come back each year.



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