Emily’s Cowl

Another cowl finished. I have finished several this year and it seems that everyone just love these circular never-ending scarves. This was made for my daughter. It might be next winter before she can actually wear this. We are having temperatures in the low 80’s now. Early spring is here or should I say early Summer.  This is something I can put in my bag and carry it with me. I had to work on it at home once it was bigger. I really hate to be stuck somewhere and realize I do not have my knitting. Dishcloths work great for keeping in your bag for those unexpected visits to the doctor or what ever else could come up in our daily schedule.

emy cowl

Here is a link to the pattern. Again, I found it on Ravelry. It is one of those patterns that you do not have to refer back to if you are an intermediate or advanced knitter. It is still a great beginner pattern.

It is a two-row pattern:

Row 1: K1 . *P1 . K1*   –  Repeat pattern from * to *

Row 2: K1 . P1  –  Repeat to end

My daughter selected the pattern and yarn since it was for her. We finally got a LYS!!! All of you that has no idea what a LYS is – Local Yarn Store. Mobile Yarn is the name. The link will take you to their Facebook page. My daughter chose Plymouth Gina Yarn. She decided on something neutral. The colorway is grey, beige and brown. It is 100% wool and it is self-striping.

close self stripe yarn

I really like this yarn and I will be using it again. I did not knit the length suggested in the pattern. I just got my daughter  wrap it around her neck to measure what length she wanted. After seaming up the ends, it looked a little small. It was a perfect length once it was blocked.






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