Niddy Noddy

Earlier this week, I posted a picture to see if anyone could figure out what it was. My object in question is called a Niddy Noddy.NN

I have come to love this. It is used with yarn to make a hank. The Niddy Noddy can be taken apart to use the different lengths of the post. The size come in 1/2 , 1 and 2 yards in length. I can wrap my left over yarn from the skein I have used and determine the length.

niddy noddy

It basically makes a big circle. The ends are tied together. I wrap them around the bundle of yarn to secure. I also wrap and tie the other 3 sides to keep them from tangling. Once I am finished, I count the strings of yarn on 1 side and multiply it by the length of the post I have used. Example: (32 string on one side with a 2 yard post will end up with 64 yards total) This will give me the yardage for this piece.  Carefully, I take the yarn off of the edges and twist together. I secure one end over the other end to form a Hank.


I add a tag with the name of yarn, yarn weight and yardage. This is great for my left over yarn. Here is a link to a tutorial about how to use one. I had to watch a video few times before I got the hang of it.


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