ZZ Plant – Great for low light!

I came across this plant few years back at Lowe’s. I have never heard of this kind before but I really liked the appearance of the leaves.  I came home and researched the name. I cannot even begin to try to pronounce it – Zamioculcas Zamiifolia. I can understand why it is just called a ZZ plant.

I found out that it does well in bright indirect light but it will thrive in low light. This plant is perfect for someone who does not have lots of windows in their home. It thrives on neglect. If you forget to open a window or water it, it will keep on living. You can find more information about this plant HERE.

ZZ plant

This plant was in a 6 inch pot and it was around 4 -5 inches tall when I purchased it. I had it placed in a low light room. It was able to get light from a window but not much. It stayed in that same pot for about a year. It was living but not getting bigger. This past year I decided to  transplant it into a bigger pot. I also moved the location of this plant to a different room that received brighter indirect light. It flourished! Eventually, I noticed it getting taller and I also noticed 6 new shoots this past summer. I don’t think this will do well with very bright full sun. Don’t place it directly in front of a window.


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