One-Pan Cabbage Dish

This is a easy one-pan dish. This is something you can add your own twist to it. Whatever you like, just throw it in!

I start by sauteing a small onion, chopped in small pieces. I cook them in a mixture of olive oil and butter. I heat the olive oil up first; then I put a small amount of butter in the pan. I try to do a 50/50 mix but I never measure.  If you wish to add any peppers to this dish, you can add them now with the onions.


I cook the onions on low-med heat until translucent.

Next, I add the sausage to the pan. You can use any meat. I have tried this with shrimp before. This is cooked until the meat is done.

onion sausage

I used a mild sausage. No heat for me. I imagine beef would be good in this. I just may have to try next time.

Cabbage is the last item that is added to the pan. I do not cook the cabbage long. I do not like mushy cabbage! I like it tender but still crisp. At this time, I add salt, pepper and whatever else I want to grab to the pan. This time I added fennel seed. You can find more information on uses of fennel seeds HERE. The extra pieces of the cabbage became special treats for the chickens. The leftovers went into the compost bin.

onion cabbage

I have added chopped fresh pineapple to this dish before. The juices from the pineapple is released once it is cooked. I reduce the oil if I am using the pineapple. It does not take long to cook.  It pairs great with salmon or shrimp.




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