First Project


Our first project started for the year. We (husband and I) decided to start closing in the bottom on the house. This is something we have put off doing. We figured it was time to get busy with our much needed project list. Our home is on blocks and it needed something. We did not want to use bricks in case we need to work on plumbing or anything underneath the house.

back porch

This is what the house looked like this morning. We decided on a much needed trip to Lowe’s  to look at our options. We knew that we did not want to use metal panels. We came across this roofing panel. Never seen this before – we go to Lowe’s a lot. It is really easy to cut with using a jigsaw and it is easy to work with as well.

back porch after

It looks good. I am not fond of the color of screws that is showing. I plan on taking a piece of the panel back to Lowe’s paint center for them to color match some paint. I will just touch up the head of the screw with the paint. Now, we need to do the other 3 sides. Afterwards, we will be able to start our planting. Now, I can weed and mulch this corner spot. It will be a new home for different types of lilies.



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