Classic Cowl

I have several projects of knitting going on at one time. I know have 4 different ones. There have been as many as 8 different ones. I like to switch up when I am bored with one. I have smaller projects that I can carry with me. I never know what may come up and I don’t want to be stuck in a waiting room without anything to to (knitting). Right now the projects I am working on are Christmas balls, afghan, lace tablecloth and a cowl. For those of you do not know what a cowl is, it’s a fancy word for scarf but joined together to make a circle. The cowl is what I will be posting about today. I did a search on Ravelry for a scarf/cowl for my daughter. She wanted me to make one in ivory. I found this pattern for a Classic Cowl.


I have had several mistakes that I had to correct while working on this. I do not know about the mistake until I am end of the row. My stitches do not match up. It’s not because of the pattern. I really like this one. It’s the fact I keep getting the rows mixed up. Its a easy 4 row pattern but I just keep mixing up the rows. These 4 rows are different but slightly similar. This project also taught me to do a tubular cast on. This was something I have never done. It took me 3 days to really get the hang of it. If anyone wants to learn this don’t quit. It’s a great stretchy cast-on. There is a tubular cast-on tutorial with the pattern. I could not really grasp this one. I searched for a video. Came across this site.  There is one for a tubular cast-on that was very helpful for me. There are lots of other videos listed. I have seen several of her videos. I have been pleased and they all have been very helpful as well. I did have to adjust the beginning of the cowl when I did the cast-on this way.

cowl sts

This is coming together nicely. It is knitting up very squishy and soft. I will do this pattern again. I did not use the yarn that is listed. I am using a worsted weight though. I used some Hobby Lobby-I Love This Yarn in ivory from my stash. I had 2 skeins left over from a afghan project. I believe this should be enough. It will not be an issue if it is not as wide as the pattern calls for. I just took in consideration the total yardage needed.


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