Planning My Day

I stared this year with a planner. I am going old school. I looked at several different ones but in the end I decided to go with one I could customize to my needs. I really do not like using a planner that includes sections that I do not use or did not include enough pages of sections I did use.

I placed a order with

There are several options to choose from. I decided on the family planner. It has 7 different sections on the daily pages that I could include for my day. It was printed onto the pages. My list includes: Prayers, Bible Verse, Errands, Appointments, Blog, DIY and cleaning list. I added several pages to the added to the final book. It was about a 2 week wait to receive it but it was worth it.


IMG_6837 copy                             IMG_6841 copy.jpg



4 thoughts on “Planning My Day

    1. I love it. Great website & customer service. I ordered from the website. Look at the add on pages. In fact, a section was accidentally left out I ordered. After contacting company, I chose not to send back & I was refunded a discount. The coil binding is really good too. Pages turn easy.

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      1. You are very welcome. My daughter was the one who sent me there in the beginning. Mine has a note section and a to do list section. You are only allowed so many pages just because no more will fit. I think it’s about 75 pages, which is alot. It actually took me several days to come up with the options I wanted.

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