Southern Tradition (Boiled Peanuts)

You either love them or hate them. I can say I absolutely love them! It’s a very common staple here in the south. You can find them on street corners, football games or at a fruit stand. It can be taken a step further and some could add creole seasoning to make them “cajun” boiled.

I decided to make a batch today. This meant I had to start last night. You have to use  “raw” peanuts. Yes, these are dry but a little water will help this. I soaked them for 24 hours.  I added a plate to the pot with glasses of water added to the plate to weigh down the plate so the peanuts would not go floating around. The object here is for all of them to be submerged under water.

In the morning rinse. Add salt and cook all day. It’s a long wait but worth every bit.



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